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Hailin Tattoo is the headquarters in the greater Los Angeles, CA area for truly remarkable Asian style tattoos that will present your thoughts and emotions...
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Though we have become champions in the use of color, we, at Hailin Tattoo, know and understand how the lack of color in black and grey tattoos can, in...
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Hailin Tattoo has become known as the source in the greater Los Angeles, CA, for custom tattoos that have the artistry and style you want at prices you...

Hailin Tattoo can incorporate ancient Asian symbols in your body art for a unique, modern effect.

Welcome to Hailin Tattoo

Hailin Tattoo has become the home to an entirely unique and artistic blend of Asian and Western culture to bring body art enthusiasts in the greater Los Angeles, CA area the energy of the ancient with the vibrancy of the modern. Our award-winning tattoo artists have their own history of creating some of the finest images in ink to be found anywhere in the world.

We, at Hailin Tattoo, pride ourselves on our ability to translate your message from a mere thought or feeling to full-blown reality. We can decorate your body with your story in the style of artistry that most suits your taste and personality. Let us provide the symbols that are most representative of you to create a wholly unique experience; choose from our own selection of images, or bring us your own designs.

Hailin Tattoo provides a vast array of tattoo artistry. We specialize in the Asian style of tattoos, which combines the ancient symbols of our culture and its style of art with the modern sensibilities and tools of the West. Many of these symbols may be familiar to you, but we can use them to create a beautiful design of your own meaning.

The trained and creative artists at Hailin Tattoo are experienced in other forms of body art, as well. They can create black and grey tattoos, otherwise known as jailhouse tattoos, to give your artwork the stark reality and depth that comes from accenting shades of black on the skin.

Tattoo art, because it is so personal and so permanent, needs to be performed by a true, proven artist whom you can trust. We, at Hailin Tattoo, use only the most modern and up-to-date techniques. Our equipment is completely sanitary and our shop is designed to bring you into a state of relaxation as we work.

For body art that is truly a work of art, come to the masters at Hailin Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA, and let our experienced and talented staff work with you.