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12:30pm-8:30pm 7 Days a Week

As experienced and creative tattoo artists, we, at Hailin Tattoo, established our design studio as a collaborative effort. We join our unique visions and mastery of the art form together to provide our Los Angeles, CA, neighbors with full tattoo services in one location. Our goal is always to give our clients the best service that will provide them with the look they seek and that will set them out in the crowd.

Hailin Tattoo represents more than 30 years of providing unique and award winning tattoo artistry. Our studio also is unique, featuring a decidedly Asian ambiance. We have imported antiques and art from throughout that part of the world to create a relaxing atmosphere for our clients. We also use all the latest tattooing technology and have received top rankings for the salon’s clean and sanitary condition.

Our artists each bring their own unique style to your service at Hailin Tattoo. You can confer about your new art piece with:

• Hailin Fu—Originally from the People’s Republic of China, he emigrated to the U.S. in 2013 as an “outstanding artist.” This, followed years of traveling the world and participating in some of the largest tattoo exhibitions, particularly in Canada, Shanghai, and Florida. His style blends China’s cultural past and imagery with a contemporary motif.

• Gloria Zhang—Joined with Hailin Fu in 2002 to co-found the Fire Hall tattoo agency. She has won championships in color from the Chinese International Tattoo Art Festival and is a graduate of Shandong University of Arts, Decoration, and Design. She has combined tattoo painting and traditional techniques into her own delicate and beautiful Kyo tattoo style.

Join us at Hailin Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA, and let us use our skills to create a true work of art that will be a part of who you are.