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Hailin Tattoo is the headquarters in the greater Los Angeles, CA area for truly remarkable Asian style tattoos that will present your thoughts and emotions to the world in a unique and decorative form. Our artists are studied in Asian style tattoos, which combine the ancient with the new.

Asian style tattoos have seen a remarkable growth in popularity throughout the world. Ancient Japanese and Chinese symbols–the dragon, the cherry blossom, and the koi fish, among many–are incorporated into more modernistic styles for a motif that is both original and traditional.

The beauty of Asian style tattoos comes from the mystery they convey. Still, they are selected by many of our clients because of their ability to be acknowledged and understood by anyone, no matter their place of origin. They have become universal, even as they speak of the Asian mystique.

At Hailin Tattoo, we are proven designers and artists, steeped in the traditions and new models of Asian style tattoos. We have a variety of images that we can incorporate into your overall design, including:

• Phoenix
• Geishas
• Lotus and Orchid
• Dragon
• Yin-Yang
• And More

We can help you research the meaning of the Asian style tattoos you are considering, so they will truly say what you mean. We have hundreds of images to choose from, so you are certain to find the one you can love and live with for all time.

When you are considering an Asian style tattoo to grace your body, come to the specialists in this art form at Hailin Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA. Contact us for an appointment.