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Though we have become champions in the use of color, we, at Hailin Tattoo, know and understand how the lack of color in black and grey tattoos can, in a stark and emotional way, convey much more of the mood you want to demonstrate. So, we have become the leading students and practitioners of the art of black and grey tattoos in the greater Los Angeles, CA area.

Because it is thought to have started as a style with prison inmates, who often decorated themselves using their limited supplies, black and grey tattoos often are referred to as “jailhouse” tattoos. They are created typically by diluting black ink in distilled water to form various shades.

We, at Hailin Tattoo, are uniquely adept at creating vibrant and intense black and grey tattoos because they so often are a major part in Asian tattoo styles. For example, the rising koi in Japanese irezumi often is at least started with this technique. The Mexican flag and Chicano icons of the Catholic church also can be presented using the black and grey style of art.

Your Hailin Tattoo artist will ensure that your black and grey tattoo will stand the test of time and not fade. Our shading technique is applied more slowly, but produces a brighter and more intense color that will hold fast through the years.

We have dozens of black and grey tattoos to select from and which we can adapt to your individual needs and desires. Contact us at Hailin Tattoo in Los Angeles, CA, for more information and to make a styling appointment.